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Rigorous procedures

It is carried out in accordance with Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Certain Laws as amended (hereinafter "the Act") and the Internal Regulations of the respective faculties of the VŠD - the Rigorous Order of FPJJ, FVPVS and FSŠ. A graduate of a study program and a graduate with a university degree who holds an academic Master's degree may undergo a rigorous exam, which also includes the defense of a rigorous work in a field of study where the one obtained a university degree.

(Rector's Directive No. 2/2018)

Procedure when applying for a rigorous exam is as follow:

1. The applicant submits the application for a rigorous examination to the Dean of the respective faculty
2. The application will be accompanied by a certified copy of the diploma and a certified copy of the state examination (or the state final exam - graduates before 1991), a certified copy of the certificate of the magister title
3. If the applicant has graduated from a foreign higher education institution, he/she shall attach to the application also certified copies of the decision on the equivalence of the education document or the nostrification clause.
4. A list of published works or artistic performances, if any, or any other materials decided by the Dean of the faculty.

Details about the rigorous examination may be provided by the Assistants at the respective faculties.